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Here at Tiny Sleepers Big Dreamers we focus on you as if you were family; we were sleep deprived mothers once too. Book a FREE 15-Minute Consultation today.

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I moved my son into MY bed

I moved my son into MY bed By Laura Yep, you read that correctly! I moved my amazing, independently sleeping, 4 year old son from his bed to mine bed [...]

Welcoming Twins

Welcoming Twins By Holly Congrats! You either just found out you’re having multiples, or you’ve just had them and aren’t sure where to start with sleep and getting them [...]

Our Parents Say

Before we hired Holly, our son was sleeping in his swing and waking in the middle of the night most nights. Thanks to Holly, he is now an excellent sleeper who sleeps full nights in his crib. Holly was very professional and knowledgeable, and she built us a detailed plan that was easy to follow and very successful. We now have our evenings back and our son is a happy and well rested boy.

The Baker Family, Toronto

We hired Holly as our sleep consultant after speaking with several other consultants. Her positive outlook and honesty won me over immediately and she gave me hope that sleep was in our future! Our then 8 month old was co-sleeping and nursing many times a night to fall back asleep. We got to a point where we just wanted our bed back and our evenings back. She made a plan just for us and within just 2 nights our baby slept through for 12 hrs!! We couldn’t believe it as everyone kelt telling us “that’s just babies”

Holly also gave us little tips and tricks for special occasions when sleep might not be perfect. Our 8 month old is now 2.5 and still the best sleeper in the house! We will be hiring her for our feisty 4 year old next! Holly saved us and we highly recommend her!

The Woods Family, Toronto

We hired Holly as a sleep consultant when my son was almost 4 months old. After 3 months of colic we had found ourselves with a series of sleep issues; my son only napped for 30 minutes at a time, and would wake up around 15-20 times a night due to his pacifier working out.

After our initial contact with Holly we knew she was the person we needed to hire; she was confident, well educated in her field of work, and made me feel comfortable about sleep training my son. Holly’s sleep plan was easy to follow and straight forward.

Within two nights my son was sleeping through the night and no longer needed a pacifier. He was also able to put himself down for a nap without our help. It was like a weight was lifted off of me and I could breathe again!

When I became concerned that my son’s naps were not longer right away, Holly reassured me that it would happen and to stick with the tools she had taught me. Sure enough, he began consistently taking longer naps.

Even after the initial 14 days of sleep training, Holly has always made herself available to contact and ask any questions. She truly is our sleep consultant for life.

My son is now 16 months and is still a fantastic sleeper. He takes one 2-3 hour nap a day and sleeps 12 hours straight a night. My son is a happy boy who loves his crib! He is also able to sleep in other environments and adapts quickly; whether when he spends a night at his grandparents house or in a pack n’play when we vacation.

I am forever grateful to Holly for assisting us in teaching our son such valuable life skills!

Logan's Mom
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