I’m THAT mom… Hurray for back to school!

By Holly

Today is the last day of summer vacation which means tomorrow for many kids it’s the first day of school. Some parents are sad. They wish their summer vacation was longer and they had more time with their kids to soak up the sun, play in the water and cross more things off their children’s summer bucket list. But not this mom. I’m ready for my son to go back to school. I’m the a***hole mom. I love school; I also love daycare. We had a great summer. We played in the pool, had sleepovers with his grandparents, went camping, crossed off items on our summer bucket list (which I will say isn’t 25 things long), went to camp, enjoyed friends over for late nights and sleepovers, early morning and BBQ’s but this mamma is READY for school! He’s ready for school. He thrives on routines, and let’s be realistic; I do too. I like early bedtimes. I enjoy planning my days. Having dinner at the same time. Baths daily (which don’t include dips in a lake or pool).

Yes, this mean one less of my 18 summers but this also means my children are growing, learning, becoming more independent, thriving and exploring more daily then I could have last summer. We get to do more things, travel to more places, have later nights and even sleep in all summer long.

But tomorrow is coming regardless. Be kind to your teacher. Be a good friend. Be respectful. Listen. Be accountable for your actions; we’re not raising entitled children. Hold your head up high little man and show them what you have to offer grade 1 and while you are at school I will be enjoying a nice drink in my hand and the 92 degree pool cause I’m the a**hole mom, and I’m ok with it.