School is Just Around the Corner

by Holly

The start of school is just around the corner and so if you haven’t already you may need to start getting your child(ren) back on track with sleep. Here are our top tips so they’re ready for that first day of school.

  1. If your child has had super late bedtimes then you will need to start adjusting this week. Use a slow transition to ensure that your child doesn’t develop a sleep debt; bump up bedtime in increments of 15 minutes. Your child goes to bed 15 mins earlier and you wake them up 15 minutes earlier. Depending on how much time you have available to make the transition, you can stay at a single time from 1-3 days.
  1. Start reducing the screen time. If your rule during the school year is “30 minutes” then you will need to start decreasing their screen time now. We always recommend no screen time MINIMUM 1 hour before bedtime (and sometimes 2!)
  1. Wind down time is very important. If during the summer it was a free-for-all with bathing, then it’s important to establish a bedtime routine again. Be consistent. Give yourself 30-45 minutes for a full bedtime routine.
  1. The hustle and bustle of school is almost here so why not start some new traditions to keep a close bond and open communication with your child. AT bedtime as them 3 questions and let them ask you any 3 as well. Examples of these questions can be: what was your favourite part of the day? What made you sad? Who did you play with today? What’s your favourite thing to do at school?
  1. Sleep environment is so important, even for school agers. Dark cool rooms help children sleep better. Breathable pajamas and a security guys to cuddle up to.
  1. Waking up can be tough. If you have a child that you struggle to wake up, then there are some great products like the Philips Wake Up Light that has a light and sound combination to help you wake up more naturally.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to make these changes. You know what it’s like to have 1 over-tired child. Imagine having 25 over-tired children to care for? Help your teacher out and make these adjustments in advance – even if you think your child can handle it, its best to have them on track minimum one week before school begins.