“Why do sleep consultants charge so much?”

by Holly

What a beautiful day out here! I have a drink in my hand while I put my feet up and day dream into the beautiful ocean. So many babies started my sleep program last night and BAM! – night one and they are all sleeping through the night and taking awesome naps. Now I can bathe and soak in the hundreds of dollars I have from being a sleep consultant. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? I sure think so but let’s be realistic, I am not doing that, and babies rarely don’t do that in one night.

In reality, it’s 9am, my kids are at school or daycare and I am knee deep into emails. I’m booking complimentary calls with families who need sleep. I’m answering questions via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and emails. I’m returning phone calls. I’m booking complimentary seminars for multiple communities to help families get more sleep. I’m analyzing a client’s tracking. I’m reading detailed intake forms and getting ready to do a consultation (virtually, or maybe I’m driving to their house for an in-home). I’m responding to my client’s emails – some that are not the nicest because they are exhausted and had a rough night. I’m on the phone doing my follow up calls. I’m talking to a parent while they cry and unleash this emotional rollercoaster they have been riding for months and I’m THAT ear to listen and that’s what I do, I listen. This is my livelihood. This “sleep gig” that so many think is “easy” is not always rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of golds. It’s hard work. It’s emotional. It’s not always family balanced. My family time is always my clients family time. When I have a tough case, it consumes me.

Please think about these things before posting ignorant questions such as “why do sleep consultants charge so much?” or “How could a MOM charge another mom to sleep train a child?”. Maybe ask yourself; why would you pay a hairstylist to do your hair when you could buy box dye? Why pay a baker to make a cake when you can make it yourself? Why pay a mechanic to do an oil change when you could do that yourself? Because maybe you can’t, or maybe you just want someone to help you.

When you pay for a sleep consultation, this is what you get; our TIME. Our 1:1 support. We have a roof to put over our head, food on the table, water to drink and shower with, hydro in our homes, clothes on our backs. We have internet and phone bills to pay for, courses to keep updated on, marketing, mentorships, daycare costs, stationary materials, baby shows, insurance, taxes and so much more. My day didn’t end at 4pm cause I’m a sleep consultant. My day is likely only half done. After my kids go to bed I now have a night consultation & complimentary 15 minute calls to do because I took some “family time” between the hours of 4pm – 8pm to focus on them and not clients. I have blogs to write so when you google “why is my child waking at 5am” or “how to make my child sleep longer” you have something to educate yourself with.

Oh look! It’s now 10pm, it’s time to sit with my husband and give him my undivided attention for 30 mins before I get to sleep, but 10 minutes later I’m fast asleep on the couch… eer sorry hun!

So the next time you say or read a post that asks “why is sleep consulting so expensive”, please remember this blog. Sleep consultants provide something to you that a book and internet don’t; human interaction, positive support and a solid plan to get sleep.